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Locate service providers and product suppliers and manufacturers in your local area by using the directories below.

Service providers directory

Search for health professionals listed below in your local area:

  • Community nurses;
  • Continence nurse advisors;
  • Dieticians;
  • Occupational Therapists;
  • Physiotherapists;
  • Psychologists;
  • Stomal Therapists.

Product suppliers directory

Looking for a specific product? The product suppliers directory includes:

  • Bed and chair protection;
  • Catheters, bottles, bags & accessories;
  • Continence pads and pants;
  • General products;
  • Skin Care;
  • Specialised products and equipment.

Product manufacturers directory

Use this directory if you are looking for a specific manufacturer of a continence aide product for the following:

  • Bed and chair protection;
  • Bottles and bags;
  • Catheter accessories;
  • Catheters;
  • Continence pads and pants;
  • General products;
  • Skin care;
  • Specialist products and equipment.